Sunday, May 8, 2011

So much for keeping up...

It was one of my goals this year to stay current on my blog - not because I have thousands of dedicated readers eager for my next entry, but because I want to document my happenings for myself and for my children. Often, I don't know what I am even feeling until I put it all down in print, and other times, I just want to be able to look back and remember my exact reactions about a particular matter. Also, I think about how neat it would be to have writings from my parents/grandparents - just to see how they did life. I only know them as parents/grandparents, but what are/were they like at my age? Did they struggle with the same things I struggle with? Did laugh about the same kinds of things I laugh about? Even if my children/grandchildren grow up and couldn't care less about life in 2011, I want to at least give them the option. Anyway, I am finding that with everything that comes up, it is becoming more and more difficult to maintain up-to-date entries, but I haven't thrown in the towel just yet. SO, for the first time in about 2ish months, here we go:

1. JUDAH - Judah is now 6 months old. He weighs 17 lbs 1 oz, and he is just shy of 27 inches long. He is rolling around like a pro and getting into EVERYTHING -lol. His favorite thing is paper - he just loves to crumple it, rip it, toss it... he just recently started doing an adorable little scrunch-face where he scrunches up his noses and breathes in/out really fast. I'm not quite sure why he does it, but it really is too funny. He's been eating solids now for awhile, and his favorites, thus far, seem to be peas and bananas. Also, he now sits up on his own (well, he's been doing that since about 4 months, but now he's REALLY good at it), rides in the front part of the store shopping carts without his car seat, uses highchairs at restaurants, pulls himself up to standing from a sitting position, grabs EVERYTHING within reach, throws toys, laughs all the time... He is a lot of fun.

I honestly never thought I'd be a mother at 24 years old, but now that I am, I could not imagine life any other way. He seriously is one of the BEST things to ever happen to me (second only to my salvation in Christ, Jesus)! I won't lie, being a mother does not go without its challenges, but the rewards vastly outweigh the difficulties. When I look at him, I am in complete awe that he is mine; I love that little boy so much, and the older he gets, the better it gets.

Sure, I miss him being so tiny, and he has changed SO much, it's almost like I'm looking at a completely different baby than the one I had only 6 months ago; but, just as much as I want him to remain my little baby for as long as possible, I love to watch him grow and learn. He really is such a miracle, and everyday that I am with him, I understand a little more about the love of my Father.

2. NOT DOING THAT AGAIN - In my previous post, I had mentioned that I was watching a couple of kids, and as of Tuesday, April 26th, 2011, that is no longer the case. While it was nice to have a little extra money coming in(and by a little, I mean VERY little - I was seriously watching them full time for practically nothing - in fact, if you were to calculate it by the hour [I was being paid by the day], it was about $3.00 an hour - not to include all of the my own money that I put into feeding them, taking them places [ex. The Treehouse Museum, The Layton Fun Center, McDonald's, Chick-Fil-A, Burger King...], buying them toys...), the amount of frustration that came along with the job was completely not worth it. Don't get me wrong, I love kids - always have - but these particular kids required a lot more attention than one person could give, and with my having a little one of my own to take care of, it was just too much. I won't get into all the details here, but lets just say that I am beyond relieved to know that the only poop I will be cleaning up from now on is the poop that comes out of my infant son (& into his diaper) and not off of the walls/floors of my bathroom via someone else' five year old. PLUS, now I have a lot more time to dedicate to Judah, and I don't have to constantly worry about him being stepped on or choked if I should turn my back for a second or two.

3. A KISS OF ELEGANCE - I started an Event Decorating Company

called A Kiss of Elegance, and I am VERY excited about this!

I am not actually expecting to make any real profit anytime soon, but I'm hoping to book some bridal shows next year (after I've had a chance to boost up a portfolio & gain some more experience), and when things really start rolling... Well, only God knows the future, but I have some high hopes :)

Currently, I am just working to increase my inventory, and I am working on my sister's wedding. I have a couple of other weddings that I am doing a few "odds and ends" things for, but my sister has given me full reign on her special day. Of course, everything is her vision/style, but I am in charge of making that vision come to life. From the complete decor to the cake and flowers, I am doing it all, and as much pressure as that can be, it is also quite exhilarating! I can not wait for her wedding; I think that it is going to be beautiful!

4. NEW SEASON, NEW SHELTER - Since my last post, we have moved into a condo. I do miss Judah's room a LOT, but that's about all I miss. Our condo is smaller in square footage with only 2 floors instead of the 3 that our Townhouse had, but it has a lot more space. We still have 3 bedrooms, and our living room and kitchen are more than double the size of our previous residence. Plus, our neighbors are not crazy/loud/annoying. Seriously, neighbors have the ability to turn a mansion into a hell-hole and/or a shack into a little slice of heaven. Fortunately, our new home is not a shack, and with our new neighbors, it's still a little slice of Heaven - that is, compared to the ones we previously had. The downside is that it is slightly further north. We were hoping to move closer to the Riverdale area or even back to Layton, but instead, we are just 3 blocks south of North Ogden - Oh well, at least we're closer to the freeway. Plus, our rent is less, our appliances are newer, we have an awesome deck (which will be great for BBQs this summer) and we're looking to buy a house next year - YEAH!! Until then, this is more than doable :)

5. School - I already have my Associate's degree from Weber State University, but I am only 20 credit hours away from my Bachelor's; I WANT MY BA! When I got pregnant, I told myself that I would still finish no matter how long it takes, and I am hoping that I will be starting back up with that commitment this fall. I have already registered for classes, and now I am just waiting to hear back from financial aid. My entire schooling has been 100% paid for through federal grants (I'm considered a first generation college student because neither of my parents went to college [in fact, neither of them even graduated high school], and my parents are divorced. Then, since the state assumes that young married couples are poor [which, lets face it, most of us are], I continued to qualify after marriage), but to remain eligible for those grants, I am required to maintain a certain GPA and carry no less than 12 credit hours per semester. Well, upon becoming pregnant last spring, I became very nauseous, exhausted, weak... being a dance major (and not being allowed more than 3 absences), none of those symptoms worked well for me. I needed to withdraw from the majority of my classes thus failing to meet my Grant requirements, and as such, they placed me on suspension. Now, I have to write a formal letter asking them to lift my suspension for medical purposes, and pray that they accept pregnancy as a legitimate excuse for an Appeal. Otherwise, there is no way that we can afford for me to attend school full time. :/

6. PARK CITY - Last weekend, we had the opportunity to take a mini stay-cation in Park City. Originally, we were going to go to Denver, CO as leaders for our youth trip to Acquire the Fire, but that didn't end up working out. I couldn't leave Judah overnight (for the very first time) for not one, but TWO nights in another state, and there were some concerns about him going on the trip. When that didn't pan out as planned, we decided to head out to Park City. After all, we were already packed, and we had already budgeted for a trip. While we would have LOVED to have gone on the Denver trip as originally planned, we had a lot of fun in Park City. It was a much needed get away, and we came back feeling refreshed. AND we were able to take Judah swimming for the very first time.


*My first Mother's Day was perfect thanks to my amazing husband who not only stayed up long after I had retired to bed just so that he could surprise me with a clean kitchen, but he also, baked me brownies, wrote me a love note inside the funniest card, and took me out for dinner at one of my favorite restaurants.

*I'm still not back to my pre-pregnancy size (as I thought I might be by now), but with summer just around the corner (hopefully), I am hoping that will change rather quickly.

*Richard received a small raise at work - Praise God!

*Since I've last written, Richard has had a birthday, and in celebration of that birthday, we went to The Grizzly's hockey game where there were 3 fist fights (one of which broke out within the first 3 seconds of the game) - he is now 27 which only reminds me that I turn a quarter of a century this year :/

*Our friends, Pastors Adam & Joni Shmidgall just had their baby boy about 2 weeks ago, and he is so adorable, but it also amazes me that Judah was once that small; they grow SO MUCH in 6 months time.

*God is awesome beyond measure - Thank you, Lord, for all of the blessings you have/are pouring out to my family! I love you with my whole heart!

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