Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Little 3rd Trimester Update

I am now 30 weeks along in my pregnancy which means that I am only a mere 10 weeks away from the expected arrival of my little boy; I am so unbelievably excited to leave pregnancy world behind and meet this little one that's been drumming on my rib cage for the past little while. Of course, at this point, 10 weeks somewhat feels like an eternity. Everyday seems to bring on new challenges - take breathing, for instance. I cannot believe how difficult it is to catch my breath at times, and I get winded doing the simplest of tasks. Then between peeing every other hour and the pain that comes from the extra weight on my hips, sleeping has become nearly impossible. The worst thing; however, is the itching.

Every place on my body itches so incredibly much, and I have had the most annoying rash on my arms for the past month plus. I have talked to my doctor about it, but she doesn't know what to make up it. At first, she thought it was an allergic reaction to bug spray, but after remaining unresponsive to various types of prescription creams, she has pretty much ruled that suspect out. Last week she referred me to a dermatologist, but he is not sure what the causing factor of my rash is either. Apparently, all of the main pregnancy rashes (PUPPP, herpes gestationis, impetigo herpetiformis, papular dermatitis of pregnancy, prurigo gestationis) all tend to start on the abdomen, but since mine sits in solitary confinement along my upper limbs, I have been prescribed another failing prescription ointment with no promising hope of relief from this torturing itch.

On the upside, I now have a prescription for my heartburn and acid reflux that seems to be helping. It was getting so bad that I would wake up choking on my own stomach acid. Literally no amount of tums could sooth the fire, and I would spend up to an hour coughing/gagging over a bucket trying not to vomit. While I still get touches of the acid reflux every now and then, I have not experienced anything to that extent since starting this medication, and I am more than grateful.

Finally, Judah's room is coming along so nicely. I absolutely love the colors of the room, and thanks to my amazing in-laws, we now have his beautiful crib. I just love walking past the nursery and seeing his nest all set up. It is quite comforting to know that, if nothing else, Judah has a place to sleep - which brings me to one of my most nagging concerns: finances. My mortal mind can't help but dwell on all of the things we still need before our son's arrival, and with each new hospital bill, those things seem to slip farther and farther away from reality. It has not been easy, but I am learning, now more than ever before, to completely rely on God and trust that He is preparing the provisions for my family's necessities.