Tuesday, August 18, 2009


As you may know from my previous post, I have been "privileged" to an elaborate amount of down time over the past year. To keep my sanity, I have picked up a few new hobbies. One, in particular, has served as an exploratory stress reliever: painting.

Even as a small child, I have loved art. I used to draw and color on a regular basis, but I had never attempted to partake in the painting manner until now. I had always thought about delving into it, but for some reason, there was always something else magnetizing my attention. I did, however, catch my fair share of Bob Ross!

Still to this day, I am not exactly certain why, but for some oddly strange reason, I LOVE Bob Ross. I have tried to watch other painting shows, but none have held my interest quite like Mr. Ross. It is especially strange because I am not even a fan of that type of painting. Go figure.

Personally, I have always leaned a little more toward the modern/abstract facets of art. From performance art to visual art, I love unique, emotional, and complex styles. For instance, to name a few of my top favorite choreographers, Mia Michaels, Justin Giles, Tere Mathern, and Minh Tran have proven inspirational to me. While I am somewhat less familiar with painters than I am with choreographers, I have recently found myself interested in a few contemporary artists including Thomas Downing, Gregory Edwards, and Mark Bradford. I am not sure what it is about certain artists that capture my heart over other artists, but when that connection is made, it is truly magical. That, however deserves its own length of attention, and I have now veered away from my original point.

The paintings you see here are my own work. I have arranged them in order of creation, and I think that I am really starting to find my modus operandi. The one immediately above is a piece of work that I painted for one of my great friends, Lyndy Mae! She is a beautiful dancer, and I felt that this creation parallels her brilliance. The painting to the right is my most recent work, and I created it for my sister, Barbra. She expressed to me her interest in stars, eyes, and random shapes then asked me if I would paint something for her. This is what I came up with!!

Anyway, I think this is a hobby I will likely pursue for years to come. I have found it to be a tad time consuming but enjoyably relaxing.

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