Friday, September 17, 2010

Third Tri Relief

I've always heard that the third trimester is the worst part of pregnancy, but I my experience thus far is proving differently. While I do miss my waist-line and being able to bend, and I hate having to pee all the time, I am finding that my third trimester is actually somewhat of a relief.

The first trimester was awful. I was so sick all the time, and I hated it. The worst part was that I didn't even throw up that much. Normally, you get nauseated, you puke, and you start to feel better. For me it was just the constant up-chuck feeling that found me wanting to vomit and move on but to no avail. Everyone kept telling me to wait for the second trimester, and after about week ten, I woke up to find the nausea completely gone. It was miraculously amazing!

The second trimester; however, brought about something almost worse: sciatica!! :/ The weight of my uterus and the baby put so much pressure on my sciatic nerve that I was in constant pain. There were days I could barely walk, and if I tried to bend over, I could just forget about straightening out again. It was starting to seem that the entire pregnancy was going to be nothing short of miserable.

As the Third trimester was approaching, I found myself trading in sciatica for intense heart-burn and acid reflux. "Seriously?!?" was my only thought. I had never had heart-burn before, but oh did it come at me with a vengeance. Thankfully, though, my doctor put me on a prescription that is helping so much. The sickness is gone, the sciatica is no more, and the fire in my chest has been extinguished; I am finding that for the first time in this journey, I am able to just enjoy the miracle of life growing inside me.

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