Friday, June 18, 2010

Counter Balance

Here I sit wide awake from heartburn for the second night in a row. All I want to be doing right now is sleeping, but sadly, I cannot because my chest feels like a fire pit sending acidic smoke signals up to the back of my throat. SO, to pass the time, while I wait for these stupid Tums to start working their magic, I thought I would update my blog.

After reviewing a few of my previous posts, I realized that I complain a lot. I don't mean to, and I actually am a fairly positive person. It just seems that it is sometimes easier for me to write/vent about the annoying things of life than it is to ramble on about all of the wonderful things of life. There are several things that I feel extremely blessed about; however, and I think it would be a good time to pay tribute to a few of those things now:

My salvation, my family - especially my amazing husband and unborn baby, my friends, my church, my health, my home, two working vehicles, my husband's job in an unsteady economy, my art - all forms, food enough to satisfy daily, my clothes and shoes free from holes or stains, clean water to drink and indoor plumbing, electricity, air conditioning for the scorching heat and a heater for the frigged air, a warm bed to sleep in every night, internet, television, books to read and the education to have learned to read them...

Seriously, there are so very many things to be thankful for. Everyone goes through ups and downs - trials and tribulations as well as victories. I am not alone in my sorrow or my joy. My situations are not unique, and there will always be someone in a harsher situation just as there will be someone seen in a more glamorous light. When I weigh out my life, though, I have to say, that despite my misfortunes, I am privileged, and I am blessed.

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